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Downloading the software at Casino Classic is completely free and 100% safe. Casino Classic uses award-winning Microgaming software to bring the most advanced gaming technology that's consistently at the forefront of the industry, right into your living room. The blackjack games at Casino Classic are highly developed with the utmost care and the importance of the user experience in mind. Professional gamblers have applauded the stunning recreation of blackjack tables with the traditional look and feel of a regular casino but with the added features of customisable preferences and multiplayer games. Microgaming has been delivering casino games to the online community for almost 20 years - you can't pass up a chance to try these games with $500 free at Casino Classic!

Online Blackjack Tips

The allure of casino blackjack online is that it provides players with a game that requires a unique combination of luck and skill. This makes it accessible to everyone from the amateur casino-goer right up to the gambling pro. At Casino Classic, you can choose how much money you want to wager on each hand so you are always in control and can place your bets with confidence. We also offer you $500 to play online blackjack for free so you don't have to bet any of your money at all!

The aim of online blackjack games remains the same as any land-based casino. To win you must have a higher total card value than the dealer's by getting as close as you can to 21 but without going over, or busting.

The key to mastering blackjack at a casino online is to understand the game and to stick to your own strategy. There's a good chance you could win at the online blackjack free play, in which case you get to keep all the profits!

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when playing blackjack at a casino online:

Blackjack Games at Casino Classic

Spanish Multi-Hand Blackjack

Spanish Multi-Hand BlackjackBlackjack is without doubt the most popular game in the casino. With over 50 variants of the game on offer at all our online casinos, there's more than enough choice for even the most seasoned card shark.

Spanish Multi-Hand Blackjack is a unique twist to the traditional game, being played with eight 52 card decks with all natural 10s removed to keep the game interesting and challenging. Players are allowed to play with as many as five hands at any one time and there is the option of insurance if the dealer is dealt an Ace or ten value card. If the dealer subsequently reveals Blackjack then the player will be paid out on his insurance bet.

Look out for the 7s and the 'Super Bonus' where you can win an additional $1000 (applies to initial bets of $24 or less) or $5000 (applies if the initial bet was $25 or more) if your hand scores 21 with a same-suited 7-7-7 combo and the dealer has a 7. This makes the game a mixture of cards and slots as if you're trying to align all the 7s on the reels!

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular table games across all our casinos. Put simply, for a knowledgeable player blackjack offers the best chance of leaving the casino as a winner. A player can hold an advantage over the dealer by memorising cards or playing game variations which add to the player's advantage. One of these variations is Spanish Multi Hand Blackjack, which offers numerous advantages over regular blackjack.

  • A player's blackjack pays 3 to 2 AND always wins. In other blackjack versions, this would be a push, or a tie.
  • A player's 21 beats a dealer's 21. No push here too.
  • Surrender is allowed. You can save half of your original bet instead of losing your entire bet.
  • A player may double down on any number of cards. In most other blackjack games, you may double down only on your first 2 cards.
  • A player may re-double down. It gives you a chance to win more money with a strong hand.
  • You may surrender after doubling down. Sometimes you can surrender your original bet rather than risk the loss of your doubled bet.
  • You can split 3 times to make 4 hands and double down after a split.
  • Unlike 10-value cards can be split.
  • Aces can be re-split, plus you can draw and double down to split them.

Now you have a few tips under your belt it's time to play online blackjack games at the award winning casino, Casino Classic.

Download the free software if you haven't already, collect the $500 and try your luck at the most popular online casino's blackjack tables today.


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